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Privacy Policy

REMINDER: Never give out your social security number, credit or bank account information or personal information that is not related to employment to any prospective employer.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to Career.VI. To protect your privacy, this notice is provided explaining our online information practices and how your information is safeguarded. Each time you visit Career.VI, you are providing information into its system. You are, by doing so, accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy at that time. Career.VI is only responsible for the information collected on this website. You agree that by using the Site you are consenting to Career.VIís use and disclosure of the information that you provide. You are also consenting to receive emails, as described below in this Privacy Policy. Although Career.VI is linked to other sites, Career.VI is not responsible for the operational or information collected on those websites. You are encouraged to read their privacy policies as well.

Please read through this entire document to be aware of the ways in which we use and protect your personal information. From time to time, Career.VI will update this policy and you will be notified by email and a request that you once again read the document. We want you to understand completely our privacy practices, and rules; therefore, in addition to this document, please also read and understand the Terms of Use. If after reading the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, you still have a question or concern, please email us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

Personal Information and Content:

Career.VI collects information regarding each user. That information can be used collectively or technically. This information is used only without an individual in mind and for a general scope and knowledge of who is using our website. Occasionally, Career.VI will query the system for users that may be interested in a product or Career.VI related to some of your demographical information and an email will be generated and sent to those individual email addresses. Occasionally, we may use your demographical information to do research on our users,.

We do not rent or sell your personal information to anyone (third parties, advertisement agencies etc) for any purpose (marketing, spam, etc), without your clear and written consent. You should be aware that Career.VI is not responsible if an outside source registers and collects your posted information on the Career.VI website. Although all registered users must consent to our terms of use and conditions, Career.VI is not liable for information shared via this method. Please let Career.VI know if this occurs.

Career.VI can share your email address with other members/users on Career.VI in accordance with our Privacy Policy, to facilitate and allow them to send information to you. This is only if you have accepted this term when you registered. If at the time of registration, you signed up to receive our newsletter, updates and offers, Career.VI will send you occasional emails. You can change this option in your profile. If an employer would like to send you their newsletter, we will share our jobseekers email addresses, but you have the right to request to be removed from any email list associated with Career.VI

Career.VI releases limited personal contact information, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, to law enforcement agencies and government officials, upon verified requests, who conduct criminal investigations. 

Career.VI advises its users to post minimal contact information and to verify employer credibility before supplying additional information. Career.VI also advises its job seekers to familiarize themselves with Federal employment practices, including the Equal Employment Opportunities Act information before disclosing certain statistics.

Career.VI advises its users to NEVER give out their social security number, credit card or bank account numbers, or personal (non-employment related) information.

Career.VI acts as an intermediary between the job seeker and the employer and is not liable for any fraud or misrepresentation by either party. Career.VI requires all users to sign a statement of truth in the information that they post on Career.VI when registering.) sign a promise to only post accurate and creditable information. Career.VI encourages any party that is aware of fraudulent or misrepresentation to notify Career.VI immediately, so that the issue can be investigated. Any fraudulent information posted on Career.VI is a violation of the Career.VI Privacy Policy and considered a offense of the Career.VI website. If a repeat user continues to post inaccurate or fraudulent information, Career.VI has a right to ban his IP address from accessing the website.

Career.VI will never request you to login and submit your personal information. It is up to you, the user, to submit your information and we will not solicit information from you by pop-up or email.


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This website is exactly what I was looking for! It gives you so many different opportunities to get your resume out to employers and also helps narrow down your job search. Will definitely recommend to everyone I know. Thanks-A-Million.

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